Kalamu Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in financial sector development in developed and emerging markets. The company brings extensive experience working across government, capital markets and civil society on infrastructure financing.

Recently, Kalamu Consulting has provided technical assistance in developing housing finance sector markets in Africa, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions. By supporting the development and successful implementation of innovative and effective solutions, Kalamu Consulting enables public and private partners to accurately evaluate market dynamics, overcome challenges and help clients achieve their full economic potential.

Kalamu Consulting's primary objective is to advance sustainable economic development throughout the world.

There are two components to our work:

1. Assess Economic and Financial Markets
· Conduct research and analysis for comprehensive understanding of emerging markets and their functions;
· Perform feasibility studies on economic and financial development
· Evaluate current and prospective approaches to the public and private sector

2. Project Implementation
· Develop policies, strategies and action plans with accountable metrics and measurable targets
· Execute and implement economic and financial projects and programs with quantifiable results
· Monitor and evaluate business operations

Selected Projects


Washington DC, February 2017

“Housing Market Contexts”

Kalamu Consulting participates in U.S.-Japan research team on Urban Housing and Financial Innovations for Aging-in-Place Forum


Christopher Feather is the Executive Director of Kalamu Consulting.

He is a financial sector professional specializing in housing finance development in emerging markets. Prior to establishing Kalamu Consulting, Mr. Feather worked at the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) where he led initiatives to promote inclusive access to affordable housing finance in countries throughout the developing world such as those in Afghanistan, Jordan and Zambia.

Mr. Feather served in government with several positions at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) including the Government National Mortgage Association or Ginnie Mae.

Mr. Feather is a graduate of the University of Southern California as well as Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.


Kalamu Consulting is headquartered in the United States with International Offices and a network of partners and affiliates throughout the world.

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